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About Us!

At THINK Therapies we know the importance of handwriting. That’s why we offer a range of therapy services, advice and interventions that are tailored to the specific needs of our clients. We work with our clients, individually or in one of our handwriting clubs.

What we help with!

The THINK Therapies team, have a diverse experience base that allows us to assist our clients in all aspects of handwriting and educational environments.


A functional hold of a writing tool.


The amount of force applied through a writing tool.


The structured flow of the hand during a handwriting task.


An appropriate rate at which handwriting task is completed.


Non-joined font used in early stages of handwriting.


Joined font used once foundation skills are mastered.


Ergonomic position adopted during handwriting tasks.


Aides adaptions and equipment to assist in the development of handwriting.

Where to from here?

Search the THINK Therapies website; see the definition of therapy services and how it can impact on clients. View the resources for how we offer our therapeutic skills or simply Contact us at THINK Therapies to discuss your handwriting requirements.

Based in Panama City, Florida, the Think Therapies Team can travel to you with prior arrangements.


Whether you’re using Crayon, Pencil, Pen; we have the advice, assessment and intervention to help with your handwriting therapy needs.

How We Help!

The services provided by THINK Therapies range from individual assessment and tailored therapy programs to graded after school and holiday handwriting clubs. Our services are designed to assist our clients to master legible and fluent handwriting skills.

Individual Handwriting Assessment

When engaged for an individual assessment our client will be observed by a registered and licensed occupational therapist in an environment familiar for the client to minimize the disruption to routine. From this observation the therapist will present a report detailing observations and recommendations to achieve therapeutic and educational goals.

These recommendations can be integrated into existing learning environments or developed into private tutorial sessions.

Please CONTACT US for further details.

Handwriting Club

The Handwriting Club is an after-school skill-graded program.  Each participant enters the Club through a progressive level program.

  • Entry Assessment.
    Basic observational assessment by a registered and licensed occupational therapist.
  • Beginner Level.
    Forming the foundations of handwriting.
  • Intermediate Level.
    Creating the structures of handwriting.
  • Advanced Level.
    Cursive and the development of style.

If your school or community group would be interested in hosting a Handwriting Club or for further information please CONTACT US.

Handwriting tools and equipment

Through international practice and research our team can assess and assist you in identifying the correct handwriting tools and equipment for our client’s needs.

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